• 02.02. 2012 / 11:51

SOLVER – multimedia dance performance


Do you want to have fun and learn something about yourself at the same time? Do you want to meet new people? Do you feel like learning new things?

Do you want to prove that you can do it?


It’s just an innocent game. A safe game with motion pictures, but remember, that once you start, you have to play till the end. No matter what you do, don’t leave mid-level!

The organizer reserves the right to change the rules during the game.

Choreography: Monika Šmídová

Software: Andrej Boleslavský (CIANT)

Scenography: Anna Krtičková (KALD DAMU)

Stage technology: Vladimír Burian (HAMU- externí pedagog, Alfred ve dvoře)

Direction collaboration: Pavlína Vimmrová

Costumes: Ha Thanh Nguyen (KALD DAMU)

Production: Zuzana Hájková (KP DAMU), Jana Kaňková (LUNCHMEAT)

Dancers: Adel Abdul Khalegová (Taneční centrum Praha), Patrik Čermák (Taneční centrum Praha)


The project is being developed in cooperation with the International center for arts and new technologies (CIANT) and the Intermedia institute (IIM).

For motion sensing of the dancers, the performance uses the motion sensing input devise Kinect by Microsoft, which is originally used for computer games. Thanks to this, the dancefloor becomes an interactive game interface.

Especially for the purposes of this performance, a new technology for sensing the motion of dancers has been developed. This technology extends the reach of the sensor from the original three to seven meters.

Software, which is responsible for motion detection and screening, was created in coordination with the dancers and choreographer right at the theatre during rehearsal.

The code is written in a visual programming language VVVV. It will be released on the day of the premiere under the Creative Commons license at research.ciant.cz/public/solver_v3.zip.

The software and the performance were created with the support of CIANT organization in the frame of the consulting program COALA, realized with support of the Prague City Hall. The project was developed in cooperation with the Intermedia Institute.

Thanks for professional assistance and provided facilities are owed mainly to Andrej Boleslavsky – CIANT, Vladimir Burian – HAMU, Jakub Hybler – IIM, Dance and Music faculty at the Academy of Performing Arts and the Prague Dance centre.


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