Since its foundation, the Institute of Intermedia participates in realization of a number of research projects in the field of new technologies, science projects and experiments. The IIM supports intermedia projects being created in collaboration with educational and other institutions or industry in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Research Highlights

  • Development of tools and methods for virtual reality applications and collaborative environments using high-bandwidth network data transmission protocols.
  • Development of motion capture techniques that allow simple, fast tracking and recording of human body motion in film making.
  • Development of mocap database and efficient tools enabling automatic analyses, classification and retrieval of recorded motion data.



  • The Psychogram Project – focused on developing systems for capturing human bio-signals and its interpretation and use in performing arts projects.
  • The Kanárci Project (Canary birds) – developing DIY tools for air quality measurement. Using the Arduino open source platform for gaining information about local air pollution.

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