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Are you interested in collaboration with the IIM?

Creative interdisciplinary collaboration is our primary specialization in the IIM. We are engaged in education, research and development of new technologies and we participate in realization and organization of various events a projects.

Our main areas of interest are:

  • international university collaboration
  • multimedia workshops and events
  • individual and group arts projects
  • creative industry partnership

Share your ideas with us and let us know what your interests are! We long to hear your thoughts, suggestions and offers to develop and sustain our unique shared environment. Do not hesitate to contact us, whether you are an artist, a creative group, a lecturer, a university colleague or a sponsor. We look forward to working with all prospective partners.

If you are interested in one-off or long-term collaboration, if you have an idea which might bring us together, please contact us at


The Institute of Intermedia
FEL ČVUT, hala H25
Technická 2
166 27 Praha 6
Czech Republic


+420 224 352 343



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