About Us

The Institute of Intermedia (IIM) was established in 2007 by the two leading Czech universities of Prague, Czech Technical University and Academy of Performing Arts. The fundamental vision was to create a unique interdisciplinary platform for international collaboration among students and lecturers of technical and art fields.

The IIM provides a new interdisciplinary model of education and research at Czech universities. It interconnects technical, artistic or humanities schools and nonacademic partners. It also provides space to acquire current knowledge and abilities in fields of art, research and technologies. Our mission is to fashion an inspirational environment. The IIM encourages student and professional collaboration across a wide range of fields. It helps to develop new forms of cooperation with the public and the commercial sector. It explores the use of unconventional innovative artistic solutions.

The IIM provides the opportunity for diverse engagement with numerous research and stimulating projects in the fields of multimedia, performing arts and technologies. It offers high quality but accessible interdisciplinary education.

IIM is involved in artistic and technological fields, such as:

  • industrial and interior design
  • fine arts
  • IT and multimedia technologies
  • lighting design
  • choreography

The main areas of activity IIM:


  • study programs innovations and development of joint teaching of founding schools
  • realization of student and artistic projects bringing together art, science and technology
  • organization of specialized workshops and courses for students and the public


  • realization of research projects in the field of new technologies
  • realization of scientific projects and experiments
  • support of intermedial projects emerging in collaboration with other institutions and industry in the Czech Republic and abroad

Public events:

  • organization of exhibitions, concerts, lectures, screenings, performances and workshops
  • organization of popularizing events and public courses
  • holding press conferences

Partnership institutions


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