Study at IIM

Our curriculum consists of a variety of courses that spur students on to cultivate their creative and technological abilities. This is often achieved by engaging students in interdisciplinary projects in which they can hone their skills and share their interests in meaningful, interactive ways with colleagues from different fields of study.

The main course, Applied Intermedia Technology, employs this approach. Students will meet here many important figures in Czech and international art scene. We organize lectures and workshops of lighting and sound design, set design, physical computing or videomapping.

Other courses:

  • Multimedia Technology
  • Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques
  • Drawing Fundamentals
  • DIY Physical Computing
  • Intro to Basic Architectural Practice and Its Use in Intermedia Creation Process

Throughout these courses students are guided and encouraged to come up with their own engaging ideas for creating new collaborative projects. These collaborative projects usually involve engineers and students colluding. This often leads to public performances or interactive installations.

The IIM space can be adapted endlessly for different purposes. Students can use this fully equipped multimedia lab for rehearsals of their projects or for organization of performances, light shows, installations, etc. Supervisors and lecturers, both from technology and art-oriented faculties, are always at hand.


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