Operating and Safety Regulations

The Institute of Intermedia (IIM) is a joint workspace established by Czech Technical University in Prague and Academy of Performing Acts in Prague as a space for organizing collaborative teaching and realization of student projects interconnecting science, technology and art. Operating and Safety Regulations lay down rules for using the space of the IIM by students and lecturers of those schools, or other subjects.

1. Description of the space and its equipment

The hall is located in hall laboratories of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU in Prague. It is divided into three sections named H1-24c, H1-24a and H1-25. The main workspace (hall), computer workroom and virtual reality workroom (CAVE). The main workspace is equipped with ceiling-mounted trolleys with suspended frames enabling spatial reconfiguration of the hall. The equipment includes two lift tables with a capacity of 1,8 ts with electrically controlled lift in the range of 60-100 cm, dismountable mobile scaffolding (height 5 m).

In the computer workroom there is a server rack cabinet providing the functionality of the IIM network infrastructure, storage racks, cabinets and also tables which provide space for working on projects. Virtual reality workroom is equipped with CAVE-type devices for experiments and projects in the field of spatial virtualization. This workroom and hall are darkened.

All rooms are equipped with 230 V electrical connections, hall and VR workroom have 380 V connections. Electrical wiring is protected by overcurrent protection.

In all rooms there are available these networks:

eduroam – international Wi-Fi network for secure mobile connectivity for students and university lecturers
(see http://eduroam.cz).
faculty network FEE CTU – fixed IP addresses with possible access from external IP addresses outside of CTU domain towards the IIM. Available only for special purposes.
private Wi-Fi network „IIM“ – with possible access to the internet via HTTP, HTTPS, SSH without access from external addresses towards the IIM.

2. Access to the IIM space

Access to the IIM space have:

1. Teachers participating in preparation of lessons or in teaching itself within the IIM according to the IIM Statute.
2. Students within the education taking place in the IIM space and students working on projects according to the IIM Statute.
3. The public during organizing of public events – for such cases special arrangements are applied consisting of following measures:
    1. When more than 35 people is attending, the staff ensure clearing of both entrances to the IIM.
    2. Access to staircase to the upper gallery is closed, except for the staff.
    3. It is prohibited to work with ladders and scaffolding which must be properly secured.

3. Safety regulations in the IIM space

For working with all the equipment in the IIM space following rules are applied:

1. Responsibility for operation of the IIM space during teaching bears a teacher; otherwise a supervisor authorized by the director of the IIM. In case there are employees of other institution working in a rented space, the responsibility for safety of their employees in the IIM space bear management of this institution or a personnel authorized by the management of this institution.
2. Students, employees of CTU, Academy of Performing Acts and authorised visiting teachers and renters bear full material responsibility for entrusted equipment of the IIM space during realization of a specific project for which was this equipment entrusted to use. They agree to comply with all safety regulations associated with the use of specific equipment and it is recommended to take out liability insurance for damages.
3. Users of the IIM space shall not use equipment that is damaged or have defective wiring.
4. Everyone is obliged to return all rented equipment to its original location in its original state..
5. It is prohibited to interfere in the space IIM electrical wiring.
6. Manipulation with lift tables is allowed only in the presence of a teacher or an authorised personnel responsible for clearance the table surroundings so that manipulation could not result in health and property damages.
7. Manipulation with a mobile scaffold tower is allowed according to regulations for manipulation with a given type of scaffolding which is part of this Regulations. Students are not allowed to independently carry out work on scaffolding. During these works, a teacher is responsible for safety of the students, he/she must be present during these works.
8. All manipulations with audio devices, light park and other equipment can only be done under the supervision of an administrator or a professional teacher who is responsible for the safety of other people present.

4. Operating regulations

1. Users must not take away any part of the IIM space equipment, unless it is not expressly authorized in writing by the responsible person. Equipment can be used only for projects that are consulted in advance with delegated teachers. When working outside the IIM space, full responsibility for the equipment bears a teacher or a student who borrowed that equipment.
2. Users have the right to use cameras, projectors, portable computers, lightning equipment, disc space, CPU performance, network bandwidth, etc. considering the total system or network load. Users must without delay obey the IIM space administrator in order to reduce the generated load.
3. Users must not tamper with hardware or software configuration of computers and other equipment. Installation of any software is allowed only after approval of the IIM space administrator and after proving software licence.
4. Copying of software, audio, video and graphic files, e-books and other files is allowed only in compliance with licence terms and Czech law, specifically Act no. 121/2000 Coll. and subsequent modifications – Copyright Act. Installation of software licenced by Academy of Performing Acts or Czech Technical University is allowed only to the laboratory administrator, and only in the designated disc space to the extent permitted by the person responsible for software license management at Academy of Performing Acts or CTU. Users are allowed to install only such software which they have written themselves, freeware or shareware, and only in their directory. In such cases, users bear full responsibility for ensuring that installation and use of software are in compliance with licence terms.
5. Working in the IIM space is permitted only in the presence of an administrator or other authorized employee of the IIM. IIM workspaces can be used from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm after booking considering the IIM personnel capacity. Booking is being made via an e-mail request at rezervace at iim dot cz. Work on weekends is possible under special arrangements from 10 am to 5 pm if the presence of a IIM employee is arranged.
6. It is prohibited to bring in food and eat it in the IIM space. Persons working in the IIM space are obliged to maintain order and hand the space over in a tidy condition.
7. If students require an assistant or an artist for their work, they are obliged to provide their full names. The names will be listed in the booking request. Students bear all guarantees and responsibility for those persons.
8. All persons are obliged to register in guestbook before and after work.
9. In case of violation of these Operating and Safety Regulation, the IIM space administrator has the right to prohibit access to classrooms.

Prague, 10. 2. 2015

Ing. Roman Berka, Ph.D.
director of the IIM


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