Seven unspecified projects mostly in the dark

  • 13.06. 2018 / 9:54

How does interdisciplinary cooperation between students of technical and art schools look like? Check the works of the students from DAMU, FAMU, HAMU, FUD UJEP, UMPRUM, FEL and FA CTU who formed teams (and pedagogues) during the workshops in the Intermedia Institute Media. Outputs from the course of Intermediate Art and Technology 2018.

Come to see the one-day exhibition at the Hybernská Campus 4

Opening: MONDAY 18.6. from 6:pm

18:00 performance by Pierre Berthet and Rie Nakajima (Belgium and Japan)

18:30 “PLECHOVKA” concert

students: Tereza Sekzerová, Václav Světlík, Filip Trefil, Frantisek Malacek, Viktorie Drdova, Jan Kviz, Luciana Kvapil, Martin Dusek, Stepan Gajdoš, Marieta Tedenac, Zdeněk Ruzicka, Tereza Sýkorová, Ladislav Beneš, Daniel Burda, Ondra Menoušek, and more…

The exhibition is open on Tuesday 19.6. from 12h to 19h
Free admission


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