• 22. 10. 2008
  • 22/10/2008
  • 19:00
  • IIM, Technická 2

Lenka Župková – violin, electronics, composition
Petra Gavlasová – electro-acoustic composition
Hana Železná – vizual composition

The main part of the evening is common multimedia project Orlando – sound fantasy based on novel of Virginie Woolf for electric and acoustic violin, electronics and projection. The project connects both live and reproduced music part with projection and motion in the scene.

During the next part of evening, two movies of Hana Železná Eonoe and 657 with music of Petra Gavlasová will be presented.

The final part of the evenening belongs to the violin player Lenka Župková with her composition Vteřina v ledu connecting parts of improvisation, sound experiments, live electronics and visual effects together.


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