Reparations and preparation as an artistic practice

  • 25. 02. 2015
  • 25/02/2015
  • 17:00
  • IIM, Technická 2

Lecture with video screenings by two lecturers introduce the history of  the art of decontruction  of  musical and other  instruments  in examples. Second  part includes a short survey of hands- on methods of turning  object  into artefact.


What means “the prepared” piano or guitar in modern music is quite familiar. However, the process of decomposition, alteration, modification and construction of weird instruments and tools is a phenomenon observable in the entire history of art and technology. Lecture with video excerpts is divided into two parts. The first follows a specific string musical instrument: the guitar. The second focuses on examples of re-design of tools in various fields of history of the intermedia art in 20th century, starting with the popular futurists pieces and ending with the process of “bending” of consumer electronics.



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