pet mat

  • 26.05. 2015 / 10:09

PET(ch)air is an illuminated seat made of “recycled” plastic bottles, which are of a special patented shape. It is a cooperation inside of CTU: PET-MAT, Molab, FA collaborates with IIM FEL in terms of illumination of the object. PET(ch)airs have more than one goal: seating, lighting, educating about the potential of recycling and last but not least they are beautiful.

The PET-MAT Project solves the problem of recycled PET in Architecture. One of the solution is to produce a light brick made of low quality recycled polyethylene tereftalate – a brick made like a bottle. Previous research showed us the potential of post-user bottles to carry heavy loads, the book 150 000 describes examples of architecture made of PET bottles. Giving the bottle second (and third) life can decrease the amount of bottles polluting our nature.And economically, we think this is the way how to prolong the life of bottles and stabilise the quick consumer recycling cycle.




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