Jen Lewin-Please Touch The Art

  • 15. 10. 2014
  • 15/10/2014
  • 00:00
  • IIM, Technická 2


American light artist and architect Jan Lewin will present the interactive installation The Pool, exhibited during The SIGNAL Festival in Prague. After Sydney and Singapore this interactive light piece will be seen at the field near Hergetova cihelna. Jan Lewin will discuss in her talk her concepts in art.

For the last 15 years Jen Lewin has been creating large, immersive, interactive art pieces for the public. From interactive sound and light sculptures that inspire people into play, to woven fiber video curtains that reflect movement, or giant, robotic, ethereal moths that dance based on human touch. Lewin’s ability to utilize technology as a medium is rare and unprecedented. She brings an organic, feminine quality to her electronic work that leaves viewers enchanted and surprised.

As a trained architect, Lewin’s pieces are often the scale of buildings and rooms. She creates experiences and environments that are both part of, and integrated into, a physical space. For example, her work “The Pool” spanned almost a quarter acre and involved 120 interactive, glowing, outdoor light platforms that when stood upon, interact with each other. Her 2008 piece “The Moths,” was composed of three giant, translucent, silk robotic moths set to movement based on how someone moves under them.



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