• Malcolm le Grice/Expanded cinema

    • 23/10/2009
    • IIM, Technická 2

    Born in May 1940, Malcolm Le Grice started as a painter but began to make film and computer works in the mid 1960’s. Since then he has shown regularly in Europe and the USA and his work has been screened in many international film festivals. He has also shown in major art exhibitions like the ...

  • Orlando

    • 22/10/2008
    • IIM, Technická 2

    Lenka Župková – violin, electronics, composition Petra Gavlasová – electro-acoustic composition Hana Železná – vizual composition The main part of the evening is common multimedia project Orlando – sound fantasy based on novel of Virginie Woolf for electric and acoustic violin, ...

  • Dan Sandin-Immersive spaces and radical technologies; Chicago videoscene, artware, CAVE

    • 22/05/2008 - 23/05/2008
    • IIM, Technická 2

    Thursday May 22, 12:20 – 6 p.m., FAMU, U2 – From Video Art to Virtual Reality, (ART) X (Computer Science) Thursday May 22, 7:30 p.m., Školská 28, – Chicago Electronic Video Art and Performance from the 1970s discussion and projection Friday May 23, 12:45 – ...

  • Roses-taneční instalace

    • 03/04/2008
    • IIM, Technická 2

    Performance ROSES is a variation on the topic of thought processes and control. The creators concentrate above all on the aspect of simultaneity of ideas, their layering, branching and also the necessity of choice. The title Roses also refers to one passage of The Little Prince. Team: Pavla ...


    • 27/06/2007
    • IIM, Technická 2

  • live stream

    • 29/04/2006
    • IIM, Technická 2

    The event is over, see you next time! Live stream from

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