• 02/02/2015
    • IIM, Technická 2

    KALD Theatre
  • The Blend Aesthetics a Neuroscience

    • 10/12/2014
    • IIM, Technická 2

      The emergence of terms ”Neuroaesthetics”, Media Ecology, and Bioart generate questions regarding the potential convergence of discourses, tools, and practicies applied in Science, Technology, and Art. Critical questions emerge regarding the impact of these new ...

  • Cafe New Romance

    • 26/11/2014 - 29/11/2014
    • NTK, Technická 6

    Cafe New Romance is the Robot Performance Festival. The Third edition of it, will take place in Prague November 26-29 2014. The main challenge the robot industry facing nowadays is not the technological challenge to develop advanced robots, but to gain understanding and awareness about robots for ...

    festival přednáška workshop
  • (Čeština) Senzory jako hudební nástroje

    • 19/11/2014
    • IIM, Technická 2

  • HAMU k 17. listopadu

    • 17/11/2014
    • HAMU, Malostranské náměstí 10

  • Critical Machine Opera: Robert B. Lisek, chfs, Manuel Knapp, j.h. Michal Cáb událost III.

    • 23/10/2014
    • IIM, Technická 2

    Critical Machine Opera is an event that combines experimental music with tactical media. It is Anti_Opera: a superposition of multiple spaces: stochastic synthesis, big-dense masses of sound and attacks with the use of crawlers; and internet robots for collecting data from the ...


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