• Live Coding as a Performing Art Practice

    • 06/03/2015
    • IIM, Technická 2

    Demo performance and lecture by Juan A. Romero and Patrick Borgeat on the growing international live coding scene, audio live coding in the SuperCollider programming language and their work with Benoît and the Mandelbrots, a renowned live coding band based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Live stream ...

    přednáška workshop
  • Reparations and preparation as an artistic practice

    • 25/02/2015
    • IIM, Technická 2

    Lecture with video screenings by two lecturers introduce the history of  the art of decontruction  of  musical and other  instruments  in examples. Second  part includes a short survey of hands- on methods of turning  object  into artefact.   What means “the prepared” piano ...


    • 20/02/2015
    • IIM, Technická 2

    This workshop is applicable for anyone working in a time-based art form: sound, film/video, dance/movement,performance or poetry FREE ENTRY/registration is required/ applications forms:milos.vojtechovsky@ Workshop Objectives: intro: the difference between COMPOSING and COMPOSITING explore ...


    • 02/02/2015
    • IIM, Technická 2

    KALD Theatre
  • The Blend Aesthetics a Neuroscience

    • 10/12/2014
    • IIM, Technická 2

      The emergence of terms ”Neuroaesthetics”, Media Ecology, and Bioart generate questions regarding the potential convergence of discourses, tools, and practicies applied in Science, Technology, and Art. Critical questions emerge regarding the impact of these new ...

  • Cafe New Romance

    • 26/11/2014 - 29/11/2014
    • NTK, Technická 6

    Cafe New Romance is the Robot Performance Festival. The Third edition of it, will take place in Prague November 26-29 2014. The main challenge the robot industry facing nowadays is not the technological challenge to develop advanced robots, but to gain understanding and awareness about robots for ...

    festival přednáška workshop

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